New Veil 2014-By Riham Farouk-2014 Hijab

Hijab is an Arabic word which means a cover or a curtain.
Muslim headscarf worn by Muslim women around the world.Muslim women are required to wear the hijab in front of any man whom they could theoretically marry.
Therefore it does not have to be worn in front of fathers, brothers, grandfathers, uncles or young children.It is also not compulsory to wear the hijab in front of another Muslim woman.

 The head covers  should be drawn over the neck slits .Some sisters just cover their head with something, and think they are fulfilling the rights of Hijaab, although part of their hair or body is showing, or their whole neck and chest area are exposed.

Allah commanded them to cover those parts with the khimar.” So secure the scarf well around your face, covering your neck/chest area, and keep those half sleeves and capri pants for your Mahrams

 Veil -Veil+2014- Riham Farouk-2014+New+ Hijab- 2014+Veil Riham Farouk